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Plumber Service Price List Raisen Road Bhopal
Item NamePrice
Tap Installation (standard)50/-
Tap Instalation (premium)100/-
Tap Repair (standard)50/-
Tap Repair (premium)100/-
Washer Change50/-
Shower Repairing50/-
Shower Kit Repairing or Replacement100/-
Kitchen Sink Replacement200/-
Kitchen Platform or Sink LeakageOn Inspection
Wash Basin Pipe Replacement50/-
Wash Basin Tap Change or Repair100/-
Wash Basin Replacment (complete)300-400/-
Jet Spray Installation100/-
Commod Western Style Replacement500/-
Commod Repairing (seat)250/-
Toilet Flush Repairing (open)200/-
Toilet Flush Repairing (concealed)400/-
Towel Rod or Hanger Installation100/-
Soap Holder Installation50/-
Mirrors (depending on the size)200-300/-
Hand Dryers200/-
Bathtub InstallationOn Inspection
Blockage (kitchen or bathroom – internal)On Inspection
Washing Machine Connection (standard fittings)200/-

* Minimum Visit Charges : Rs 200 Applicable.

* The rates mentioned above and indicative and may change depending on the scope of work.

Book the best plumbing services Raisen Road Bhopal at the lowest price.
Is a plumbing issue troubling you? Leaky taps or pipe bursts giving you a hard time? Well, we have got your back. Myla believes in providing the best plumbing service. Searching for ‘local plumber near me’ online? Well, our professional plumbers in Indore are eager to help you. 

Plumber in  Raisen Road Bhopal

Plumbing issues can be of several types like a running toilet and a dripping faucet or a major pipe leak. You can call our plumbers in Indore for help if you are facing any of the plumbing problems mentioned below:

1. Dripping faucet

A dripping faucet is a common issue faced at some point by almost everyone. When the internal washer is stiff or worn out, it causes the tap leak. Dripping faucets cause a lot of irritation. They can push up your water bill and cost you a lot of money. But don’t worry. We are at your rescue. Our team of professional plumbers has all the necessary skills and tools to fix your issue.

2. Clogged  sink

This problem is caused by a blockage that restricts water flow in your sink. Your sink may have food leftovers in it. A clogged sink is really unhygienic. Our skilled plumbers aim at maintaining your kitchen hygiene. Their professional methods can clear your clogged sink right away.

3. Running toilet 

A running toilet is a major plumbing problem. It causes a great loss of water. Around 200 gallons of water may be lost each day. There may be some silent leaks that can result in the running toilet. But we can resolve your problem. Our plumbers in Indore will make sure that the plumbing issue is resolved in the quickest way possible.

4. Faulty water heater

Were you in the shower and the water suddenly turned cold? There are multiple plumbing issues that can cause a water heater to fail. There can be a build-up of sediments in the tank that can cause the problem. But such a plumbing problem can be solved by our professional plumbers. 

5. Low water pressure

Weak water pressure can be quite troublesome. Often low water pressure is a sign of bigger plumbing problems like drain or sewer clogs, hidden water leaks, or cracked sewer lines. Are these issues making you panic? Well, no need to be scared. Get our expert plumbers and they will diagnose all your plumbing issues as soon as possible.

6. Leaky pipes

Are leaky pipes troubling you? Leaky pipes cause damage to furniture and the floor. They can even encourage bugs like cockroaches. Leaks are more common in winters when the water freezes or expands. This may cause the pipes to burst. But these issues can’t trouble you anymore. We have a team of professional plumbers who can repair leaky pipes at your place.

7. Sewer system backup

If you have drains and toilets not working, you may be facing sewer system problems. There are three main causes:
  • The main sewer is clogged.
  • Tree roots have invaded the pipe.
  • Old sewer lines have broken or collapsed.
Sewer system problems are plumbing emergencies and require immediate repair. Already searching for ‘local plumber near me?’ Well, get our team of skilled plumbers in Indore and they will make all the necessary repairs required. Contact us anytime.

Plumber Service in Indore

Are you searching for a ‘local plumber near me’ on the internet? Well, are you facing plumbing problems at your place?  Hire a plumber from our team and all your problems will be solved. Plumbing issues require quick repair. Wondering what plumbing issues require our professional attention? Our plumbing services include the following:
  • New toilet installation
Toilets need necessary replacements from time to time. Sometimes, the toilet is not repairable and requires replacement as soon as possible. Our professional plumbers can install a new toilet in only a few hours. They will make sure that it is functioning properly, and that your inconvenience remains minimal.
  • Sink’s faucet replacement
Faucets have various parts. Therefore, they are difficult to install. But our professional plumbers have specialized tools to perform the job. Our team will make sure that:
– The old faucet is removed and a new one is installed.
– They can help you with the selection of an accurate faucet.
– They will also verify if the handles and other devices on the faucet are working properly or not.
  • Inspection of water heater
Are you having your home’s water heater inspected and drained regularly? Regular inspections prevent water or natural gas leaks. Our plumbing service team can find problems with the thermostat or intake pipes or holding tank. This can prevent the water heater from malfunctioning at an inconvenient time. If a water heater has serious defects, our team can replace the item and drain the appliance before installing a new one.
  • Fixing a leaky water pipe
Is there a leaky pipe at your place? Has the pipe broken all of a sudden? Well, this plumbing issue requires a quick repair and is regarded as a plumbing emergency. Our plumbers are skilled and professional and have all the necessary equipment and tools to fix pipe leakages. We have the most efficient plumbers in Indore.
  • Installation of kitchen garbage disposal
Are you tired of carrying food remains to the dustbin? You can get garbage disposal for your kitchen and seek help from our professional plumbers for its installation. Our plumbers can remove the pipes from your kitchen sinks and then install the unit. They will make sure that it is functioning properly.
  • Removal of clogs from a sink
Are there thick clogs that are troubling your kitchen sink? No need to worry. We can be the plumbing company at your rescue. Our plumbers have all the essential tools that are required to remove the thick clogs from your sink. They can shift the clog in the drainage system and then water will flow through the pipes easily.
  • Pipe installation
Are you building a new home? Or are you planning to shift to a new place? Well, you might require a complete piping installation. We can help you in the process. Our professional plumbers have knowledge of the accurate installation of pipes. Our team can help you select high-quality pipes which will prevent problems like rusty water. You can engage with our plumbers in Indore and get the best pipe installation. 
  • Sewer line cleaning
Are sewer lines outside your home having problems? This generally happens when debris accumulates or coagulates inside the sewer line and causes it to crack. Is the debris in the sewer line smelling too bad? Don’t worry. Our plumbers can engage the sewer line in a few hours.
You can always reach out to us if you face such issues at any point. You can check our website for more details.

List of plumbers in Indore

Are you in need of plumbing services? Have been searching ‘local plumbers near me’ online? Well, at MyLA, we have a pool of professional plumbers for all your plumbing issues or even plumbing emergencies.
Plumbing issues should not be neglected. Minor problems can change into major ones. Seek our help as it’s always better not to wait for an emergency.
– We assure you that our list of plumbers will figure out your plumbing needs and make the necessary repairs nicely. 
– Our certified professional will fix your plumbing issues with ease and within no time.
You can always rely on MyLA  for your plumbing problems because:
– Our plumbers are verified, professionals.
– Our list of plumbers follows all safety measures so that there is no damage incurred in any way.

Why is it better to consult a professional plumber?

Calling a professional plumber for help is always useful for the following reasons:
  • Safe plumbing repairs
Skilled plumbers can handle your major plumbing projects easily. Expert plumbers know where the sewer lines run and how to safely access pipes. Professional plumbers are trained and ensure the protection of your house. They can easily identify the root causes of plumbing problems and repair them with safety measures.
  • Prevention of water damage
In the case of pressurized water lines, not making repairs correctly can cause floods and water damage in your home. Therefore, you need the help of professional plumbing services. Verified and professional plumbers know what repair parts to use and how to connect them. A simple repair can also be tricky. Our Skilled plumbers make sure that there are no leaks and verify the repair that is done.
  • Professional plumbing solutions
There are professional plumbing solutions such as sewer inspections that should be performed by licensed professionals. By choosing a professional from our team, you can make sure that they are looking at the right issues. They can provide the right repair options.
  • Professional products and equipment
Our team of plumbers is equipped with all the appropriate tools for solving your plumbing problems. All your plumbing issues can be solved in a few hours.
Well, almost all of us are in need of professional plumbers at some point in time. Most plumbing problems occur all of a sudden. They should be addressed immediately. Find our list of plumbers in Indore when you search for ‘local plumber near me.’  We aim at addressing all your plumbing needs without any delay.

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